Book your Commissioned Oil or Acrylic Painting!




Due to the wait time to complete the commissions in line a deposit is requested to reserve your spot.


Once you book a reservation, you will be advised the estimated dates of completion and more details on how to discuss themes, styles, color schemes, and what to expect. 




Contact for any questions

Oil or Acrylic Painting Reservation

Select Size (maximum length)
  • Sizes available from 8" to 48" in length


    Prices are approximately $1.20 per sqare inch ($1.60 Cad) but can be negotiated prior to placing deposit

    ex. 8" x 8" Oil Painting $64.00 ($85.00 Cad) 

         12" x 16" Oil Painting $230.00 ($306.00 Cad) 

         18" x 24" Oil Painting $518.00 ($690.00 Cad) 

          24" 36" Oil Painting $1036.00 ($1380.00 Cad) 



    High Quality Gamblin and Winsor & Newton Oil paints and Milano or equivalent 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas are used

  • Depending on size, Oil paintings take from 1 week to 1 month to complete and one month to dry. Then 1 week to ship out. 


    An estimate of the freight charge will be given prior to shipping. 


    Please note that customer is responsible for customs duty and taxes if applicable