First Pet Rat Portrait Watercolor Commission

Finished my first pet rat commission in watercolor! What do you think?

It was a challenge because I wasn't sure if I should add the hands or not but there was too much detail lost without the hands and I find the hands frame the rats like hand models! Lol!

✨I did sketch a different layout and didn't find it worked so I redid the sketch and glad I did I think the layout works much better this way! 💖

✨I never know how my paintings turn out I just say a prayer and hope for the best so I'm glad this one turned out really nice!✨I will post the step by step shortly - so grateful for the patronage that keeps me working! 💖

✨"Portrait of Peach and Pixie" - 9" x 12" on Canson watercolor paper✨

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Marie Santos - MSantos Art

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