My First Timelapse in Watercolor - Pet Rat Portrait

Thank you for finding my post and wanting to know more about me! :)

Just wanted to try out this timelapse video I just tested out! Lol!😂 Can u believe I always had the timelapse video option and never recorded me painting? It's rather intimidating isn't it? Lol!😬 I'm a bit slow at technology but slowly catching up! Lol! I filmed about 2 hrs of about 20 hr of this pet rat commission. I chickened out! Lol!🐥 Maybe I'll have more courage next time and paint the full timelapse! The easy video editing really made it look really nice though!📽 Also starting to post YouTube videos and that's intimidating too!

Here is a photo of where I left off after the video was taken:

I will post the completed piece shortly! 💖

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Marie Santos - MSantos Art

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